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Employment Law Attorney

We're one of the most experienced employee rights law firms in Southern California.

The Ramirez Firm primarily focuses on protecting the rights of employees who have been wronged by their employers. With over 10 years of experience litigating employment law cases, we have had unparalleled success and our firm remains a recognized name in California. Remember you have rights as an employee and the Ramirez Firm is committed to enforcing those rights. All the clients we represent receive the full value of our knowledge, experience and dedication.

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Did You Know...

Over 75% of low-wage employees are not paid the legally required overtime rate.

Job and employer characteristics are key to understanding workplace violations. For example, the industry and occupation of a worker's job is one of the strongest predictors of violations.

Assuming a full-time, full-year work schedule, workers in California lose an average $2,600 annually due to workplace violations, out of total earnings of $17,500. All workers, regardless of legal status, race or gender, are often at risk of workplace violations. Unfortunately, some ethnic groups are more vulnerable than others and our law firm specializes discrimination cases.

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Remain at ease knowing you have constant contact with your attorney.

Unlike any other law firm, our attorneys understand situations can arise anytime. Most clients are busy with work and family during typical business hours and for this reason we are available by phone and email throughout the day and night.

Attorneys employ receptionists or law clerks to field questions from clients to avoid spending more time on any particular case. We know this is unacceptable, especially when so much is at stake given the importance of our services. Our attorneys keep direct communication with our clients, always prioritizing your needs and concerns over our convenience.

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Mr. Ramirez has unrivaled court experience having performed on both sides of law; serving the community
as a former DA and clients privately
as a criminal defense lawyer.

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We have represented 100s of clients in Southern California across many industries & career types giving The Ramirez Firm firm a very strong edge over other attorneys.

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"Major work stoppages beginning in 2013 idled 55,000 workers [and] 2012 with 148,000 idled workers. In 2013, there were 290,000 days idle from major work stoppages [and] 2012 with 1.13 million days idle. In addition, over half of major work stoppages beginning in 2013 occurred in the state of California."

- Economic News Release BLS, February 2014